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Roast chicken is a more affordable option than turkey. It’s a simple classic dish that can still look impressive on the Christmas spread. It’s also easier and faster to prepare than the other dishes we’re featuring. Just coat the chicken with your choice of spices, pop it in the oven, and bake for an hour. It’s really quite an easy dish to prepare if you don’t have much time before guests arrive.

The number of calories you gain would depend on the cut you consume. Each cut contains a different number of calories and a different proportion of protein to fat. The breast part is high in protein and low in fat, while the thigh part has higher fat content.

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roast chicken (100 g) contain(s) 0 grams of sugar, 23,97 gram(s) of protein, 13,39 gram(s) of fat, 0 grams of fiber and 6 gram(s) of carbohydrate. There are 222.8kcal in (100 g) which can be burnt by a 27 minute(s) of Jogging, 32 minute(s) of Cycling, 35 minute(s) of Swimming, 39 minute(s) of Walking, 46 minute(s) of Shopping, 48 minute(s) of Yoga or 77 minute(s) of Cleaning

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Name Amount Energy (kj) Proteins (g) Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Fiber (g)
roasted chicken 100 g 766 29 0 7 Detail
Roasted chicken thigh with bone 100 g 540 17 2 6 0,1 Detail
roasted turkey breast 100 g 454 20 0,1 3 Detail
roasted chicken breast without skin 100 g 690 31 0 4 Detail
grilled chicken leg roast 100 g 719 28 3 6 0 Detail
roast goose 100 g 1 160 26 0 19 Detail
roasted chicken breast fillets 100 g 720 26 0,7 4 Detail
roast duck 100 g 1 250 20 25 Detail
roasted chicken breast 100 g 471 21 0,6 3 0 Detail
turkey without skin, cooked, roasted 100 g 573 23 0 5 0 Detail